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5 Nail Polish Colors You Should Try This Spring

5 Nail Polish Colors You Should Try This Spring

Spring is in the air and it's time to refresh your nail polish game with fun pops of color! There's no better way to embrace the season than by wearing stunning shades that celebrate the spirit of spring. From soft and dreamy pastels to vibrant hues, we'll explore a range of color suggestions to help you find the perfect manicure for any occasion. It's time to indulge in the joy of spring and take your polish collection to the next level with these stunning colors.


1. Soft Pink

Coquette nails and ballet-core are trending more than ever so it's essential to have a soft pink polish on hand. “Tu-Tu,” is a bright, playful, and subtly sexy shade. Depending on how you want to play with this adorable gel nail polish color, it will give you the versatility you need through its baby pink hue. Lighten up your mood and your nails with a bright pink color that is created to evoke feelings of sweetness.


2. Sky Blue

Spring brings along not only blue skies but also rain showers. “Breathtaking,” is a blue shade that can help channel both aspects of that. Everybody loves the color of the sky or the ocean. So why not turn that captivating hue into a long-lasting gel nail polish. This light blue nail polish features everything you love about a cloudless sky or a calm sea. 


3. Peaches & Corals

Pantone names Peach Fuzz as the color of the year so be prepared to see it everywhere in 2024 from fashion to beauty. “Besito,” is an adorable peachy-pink hue. A slightly darker gel nail polish that adds an adorable aura to your fingernails. If you consider yourself as someone who is in love with anything pink, peachy or coral, this is the perfect mix.


4. Light Green

Shades of greens are always a fun choice for spring and can be used in a lot of different floral nail designs. “Oh So Jade,” is a color inspired by a jade stone that offers an expensive look and feel. Freely wear it whenever you want because we have created a gel nail polish that exudes luxury through its distinct color.


5. Light Yellow

A pastel yellow is definitely a must-have for the spring. “Banana,” is deliciously vibrant to the eyes, and everything you want from a long-lasting nail polish that is yellow but is not loud. When you are afraid the bright yellow nail polish will not suit your personality, then this gel nail polish is the safe bet for you. It’s still yellow and will still pop to a certain degree, but not to the point that you will get all the attention by simply lifting a finger.


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