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5 Trending “Clean Girl” Nail Looks

5 Trending “Clean Girl” Nail Looks

“Clean Girl” manicures are in and there are so many different trends being created. Since there are quite a few “your nails but better” nail looks, we created a quick guide of the top variations and how they are all different. Keep reading to check them out.


1. Mermaid Nails

Created by Halle bailey’s Nail Technician, Stephanie Staunton for the live-action The Little Mermaid movie, “mermaid nails,” are meant to be an ethereal manicure.  Staunton revealed that she used a custom blend of pink, cream, and glittery pink nail polish to create the manicure. There is also a delicate gold shimmer added to dance in the light and give a healthy glow. 


2. Lipgloss Nails 

This nail trend is inspired by the plush, sheeny finish of lip gloss applied on lips. It takes your bare nail base and adds a sheer layer of gloss (complete with a hint of pretty pink tint) to create a high-shine, fresh finish.


3. Vanilla Chrome Nails

Chrome nails result in a stunning metallic shine. The trend made a comeback over the past year, specifically silver. Nail techs are now playing around with different colors like the now popular, “vanilla chrome.” Vanilla chrome nails simply have a cream-colored base so it’s no wonder people are loving the easy to achieve look.


4. Milk Bath Nails

Inspired by a soothing milk bath with flowers, “milk bath nails,” are achieved using milky white polish and layering either drawn-on flower decals or actual tiny pieces of dried flowers. This trend is the only nail look that includes intricate nail art details on this list.


5. Barely-There French

Lastly we have the “barely-there french” manicure. Also referred to as the “micro french,” the nail look is a spin on the classic design that features a thin, barely there line of color on the tip of the nail. It's very minimalistic and doesn't require much length.

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