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Short Nails Are Making A Comeback!

Short Nails Are Making A Comeback!

The past year, the “clean girl” aesthetic has been a huge trend and now has nail lovers and celebs swapping their long nails for a shorter length. Scrolling though popular social media platforms such as TikTok, many creators are making this transition and we don’t see it slowing down going into fall 2023.

So why is this length trending? It’s viewed as more effortless and practical. From “lipgloss” nails to the “no makeup, makeup” looks, that is what the “clean girl” aesthetic is built on. The goal is to appear as if you woke up looking polished and stunning but in reality, these things take time regardless. 


Contrary to popular belief, short nails does not mean one has to forgo nail art. It’s easy to think that a short manicure might be boring but there is no reason why one should have to compromise personality for functionality. A short nail can still be an amazing canvas for vibrant and bold designs. Most nail art can be adapted to fit any length and could push artists to get more creative with their interpretations. 

Even though short nails may seem low-maintenance, they still require upkeep. Short nails look best when they’re healthy! Make sure to keep them well manicured and moisturized with a nourishing cuticle oil. 

Now we want to know, are you making the switch to short nails? Let us know in the comments!


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