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Why “Latte Nails” will be your go-to for Fall 2023

Why “Latte Nails” will be your go-to for Fall 2023

Inspired by your favorite hot-coffee, “Latte Nails” is a popular nail trend on TikTok. The trend features various neutral, brown colors ranging from light tan, medium browns and chocolate browns. It is a nod to shades that one may see in a delicious latte. Of course, these colors are perfect to wear during the fall and are extremely versatile. Keep reading to see how to select the perfect brown shade for you!

When deciding on a brown color, everyone can find a shade that will be flattering on them. A great way to select what would look best is to take undertones into consideration. Those with warm undertones will typically look best in warm neutrals and of course neutrals with cool undertones will look best on skin tones with cool undertones as well. 

If you want to achieve this nail trend, there are several Barbella Co. Gel Polishes that fit the “Latte Nail” trend to get started:

Bare It All 

A copper-hued polish that is ideal for someone who loves sophisticated shades on nude. The sweet caramel hue of this color will blend perfectly with any skin color. 


You will never go wrong with a gel nail polish that is super close to the color of luxury. Sultry screams everything you love about dark-hued nail polishes in the most elegant way imaginable. The dark facet of this deep brown nail polish gives off a vibe that is uber-sexy and rich.

Sun Kissed

Sun Kissed is a gel nail polish you will love for how closely it resembles skin that is touched by the radiant sun during a summer day at the beach. Tropical vibes mixed with an aura of sophistication and you have this gel nail polish hue as the result.

Latte Body

Combine the elegant color of red wine and the comforting sight of a fireplace in autumn made of red bricks and you have Latte Body. This sophisticated gel nail polish invites a range of emotions that will go well with varying occasions. The not-so-bright velvet hue of this gel nail polish adds a touch of life to your nails without stealing the show.


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