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Easy Removal Gel Polish

Easy Removal Gel Polish

Go luxury,  go vegan, go BarBella. Trendy and timeless, Barbella is the ultimate way to keep your fingers and toes painted all year round – without stress, mess, or toxic ingredients.

BarBella Co's vegan gel polish gives you the glitz and glamour of a salon manicure, minus the yucky ingredients. A breeze to apply, our gel polish will leave your nails looking shiny, strong, and healthy. Why spend hours at a spa when you can have salon-quality glamour on your fingertips any time you like?

With our vegan gel polish, you can enjoy a spa treatment in the comfort of your home! Unlike salon gels, it cures in a breeze under any light, whether it's LED or UV, so just put on, cure, and go! 

Cut your manicure time by more than half, with long-lasting polish that resists fading and chipping. 

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