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5 Nail Trends to Try for Valentine’s Day 2024

5 Nail Trends to Try for Valentine’s Day 2024

Love is in the air! As we gear up to celebrate Valentine's Day in 2024, it's time to start thinking about your Valentine’s Day Manicure. From the classic hues of red and pink to more unconventional choices, we've rounded up the top five nail trends to try for Valentine's Day 2024. Whether you're a nail art pro or a beginner, these ideas are sure to add some serious flair to your Valentine's Day look. 

Chrome Tips

Chrome nails were trending all last year and now nail techs are heavily utilizing this finish for french tips, especially on celebrity nails for red carpets like the Golden Globes and The Emmys. A nail look that is not only beautiful for Valentines Day but also year round would be pink or rose gold chrome tips. 

3D Nail Art/Nail Charms

3D nails and nail charms are huge right now! Valentine’s Day could be the perfect time to try the trend out. From classic hearts to romantic rose designs, you really can’t go wrong. 

Coquette Nails

The ultra-feminine trend, coquette nails has been taking over social media lately, not just with nails but beauty in general as well as fashion. To achieve this look, one could simply incorporate bows into their nail design or even fun lacy details.

Glazed Nails

Glazed nails are perfect for people who love a more minimalistic manicure. A sheer wash of pink or red polish with some shimmer is always a stunning choice. 

Aura Nails

Aura nails are a fun, ethereal nail trend to try out. It is also very versatile as you can do so many different color combinations and can easily be paired with other nail art. 

And there you have it - our top five nail trends to try for Valentine's Day 2024! Whether you're a traditional romantic or looking to venture outside the box, there's a nail design for everyone's taste. Embrace the love, creativity, and confidence that a beautiful manicure can bring, and remember to enjoy every moment of this romantic day in style. Happy Valentine's Day and happy painting!


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