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How to Create Sweater Nail Art

How to Create Sweater Nail Art

Sweater nail art is always a design that pops back up during the Fall and Winter seasons. It’s a great go-to for when you want to have seasonal, festive nails and looks great with any color. Want to know the steps to achieving this cozy design? Keep reading!

The main goal of sweater nails is to make your nails look as if  they’ve been woven like knit fabric, which is done using a layering technique. You will need a thin detailed brush, your polish of choice and the Velvet Matte Top Coat.

  1. Prep your nails by cleaning and filing them for the next steps.
  2. Apply your base color of choice. 
  3. Using the nail art brush, draw two parallel lines starting at your cuticle and extending toward the tip of your nail. This technique will create three columns.
  4. Finally, using the same brush, paint short diagonal lines across the nail and leave room for shorter curvier lines in the center. 
  5. Once satisfied with your knit sweater print, you can use the Matte Top Coat to finish. 

Will you be trying out sweater nails? Let us know in the comments and tag us on Instagram @barbella_co


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