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Trend Alert: Bold Nail Jewelry

Trend Alert: Bold Nail Jewelry

Nail trends offer endless possibilities to showcase your personal style and elevate your overall look. This season, nail jewelry has emerged as a rising trend, adding unique accents and lengthy, 3D touches to nail designs. The current iteration of the trend is the bolder, the better! Nail jewelry has the power to transform nails into art forms, giving you endless opportunities to make a statement. Keep reading to find out more details about this eye-catching trend. 

Nail Jewelry has always had a strong presence in the industry but the designs are continuing to become more and more experimental, especially at the 2024 Met Gala. South African Singer, Tyla gained a lot of attention for her stunning manicure designed by nail artist, Coca Michelle

With her overall look, inspired by the sands of time, The "Water" singer opted for a chic soft-pink shade adorned with chains that dangled diamonds from each finger. The design was so stunning, and now many nail artists are recreating the look so don’t be surprised to come across a variation of it on TikTok or Instagram.

Apart from long, chain designs, chunky and colorful stones are on trend as well. A stunning example of this was designer Marc Jacobs’ Met Gala nail look designed by nail artist Jenny Bui and her daughter, Cianna Bui. The manicure took eight hours to create and featured large, emerald green colored stones surrounded by crystals. 

We've witnessed how these embellishments have transformed nails into wearable art pieces. The allure of nail jewelry lies in its ability to add personality and a touch of glam to your fingertips. By embracing these bold trends, you not only elevate your nail aesthetic but also make a statement of individuality and creativity. One of the best parts about doing nails is adorning them with confidence and style making each set its own, unique work of art. 

Leave us a comment and let us know how you feel about this fun and daring trend!


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