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Gel Base Coat - BarBella Co.
Gel Base Coat - BarBella Co.

Gel Base Coat


If you're after health, vitality, and an air of pure opulence, our luxurious, vegan-based Base Coat will take your nails from salon-fresh to runway sexy in no time!

Go from boring to gorgeous in seconds with the Durable Base Coat from BarBella Co. This glossy liquid will enhance the vibrancy of your natural nails while giving your nails the perfect combination of durability and natural appearance. It's what you've been searching for!  

Why get yours?

  • Safe to use: The Base Coat is the friendliest base coat for your nails! With a powerful blend of plant-based ingredients, our Durable Base Coat softly nurtures and retains your nails' health while protecting them from breakage.
  • Premium quality: Give your nails a boost of strength, moisture, and beauty with our luxurious, Durable Base Coat. Get rid of the flimsy topcoat that only makes things worse, and discover our long-lasting, affordable, Durable Base Coat that will surely bring you praise! 
  • Long-lasting result: Not only will your base coat keep your nails from cracking and peeling, but it'll also let you pick any nail polish you want without worrying about screwing up the color. Keeping your nails clean and shining for weeks on end is a breeze with this unique product! 
  • A great gift: Why not reward your favorite girl with something she will cherish forever? No matter what nail polish color she chooses or from which brand, she will have beautiful, chip- and crack-free nails. Give her the gift of lasting impressions!

Healthy nails start with a durable base coat. And with our amazing product, you will not only get a flawless barrier for your nail color, but you'll also get to enjoy healthy, lustrous nails.

Say goodbye to the manicure table and hello to healthy nails with our nail base coat. It protects them against moisture loss, so you can wake up with perfectly polished, natural nails every day. Don't wait; get yours today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

We formulate using plant based ingredients and are at least 10-Free.

Yes, our polishes require a UV or LED light to cure. For LED we recommend curing for 30 - 60 seconds and for UV we recommend curing for 2-3 minutes.

We recommend storing in a dim and cool area away from direct sunlight for longevity.

We love that our polishes are pigmented and long-lasting. Our polish will last until they are soaked off. BarBella Co does not chip, peel, or fade and will last 2-3 weeks.

BarBella Co will soak off in 10 minutes. To properly remove gel polish, we recommend acetone, 180 grit nail file, cotton ball, ornage stick, and foil. Gently file the top coat layer off. Apply nail polish remover on cotton ball then place on nail. Then wrap foil over each nail and wait for 10-15 minutes for the polish to loosen & dissolve. Then gently push product off with orange stick.

Our gel polish bottles are 15ml -.5oz and take 2 coats for coverage. The 15ml bottle will provide 60-70 sets.

We recommend topping off with one of our top coats: Velvet Matte or Diamond Shine to increase prolonged wear.