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3 Nail Trends to Try in 2024

3 Nail Trends to Try in 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to dive into the exciting nail trends that await us in 2024. From designs, colors to finishes, we have you covered on what’s the latest in nails & greatest in the world of nails. Keep reading to check out the top 3 nail trends we think will be seeing a lot as the new year unfolds. 


1. Coquette Nails

You may have noticed various brands across the board incorporating coquette-core into their social media. Especially beauty brands so don’t be surprised if you see it being utilized in nail designs. ⁠Design elements such as 3D bows, bow stickers, painted bows are going to be heavily utilized in nail art. The trend is meant to embrace femininity, so it's often paired with white and light-pink nail colors, shimmery finishes, and delicate pearls and rhinestones. Some have also utilized black to add a contrast to their coquette manicures. 

2. Chrome Nails 

Chrome nails dominated 2023 and we don’t see that changing going into 2024. Especially thanks to Beyonce and her Renaissance World Tour which had everyone opting for silver chrome nails. If you haven’t tried out this trend already, now more than ever is the perfect time and there are so many different shades to experiment with! We can't wait to see how nail artists continue to push the boundaries with it. 

3. Peach Nails

Pantone has named 'Peach Fuzz' the color of 2024, describing it as a gentle, velvety peach color. The soft shade is representative of healing, nurturing, and belonging in the months to come. Be prepared to see varying coral tones all over your social media feeds.⁠ It can be flattering on its own but is also versatile enough to incorporate into nail art. 

So which nail trend are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to follow us on instagram to stay up to date on all things @barbella_co.


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