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Ballet Core Nail Trend

Ballet Core Nail Trend

A nail trend that has been in full bloom for early spring 2024 is ballet-core. Embracing all things youthful, feminine, and inspired by the elegance of the ballerina wardrobe and dancer lifestyle, this trend is a delightful fusion of grace and whimsy. From the delicate ribbons to the iconic ballerina buns, there's no shortage of dainty elements to fall in love with. And if there's one color that reigns supreme in this enchanting trend, it's undoubtedly pink. 

When it comes to spring/summer manicures, the world of beauty always buzzes with excitement over new nail art trends. This season, the ballet-inspired nail trend has emerged as a favorite among influencers and celebrities alike. Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber are just a few of the many who have embraced this trend with open arms. With the high-shine "lip gloss" manicure and “glazed donut” nails leading the way for ballet-core, it's easy to see why this trend has become a serious staple. Whether you're attending a special event or simply looking to add a touch of elegance to your daily look, it's the perfect way to showcase your playful yet refined style. So, why not take a cue from the top fashion icons and embrace the aesthetic. 

A great shade to use to achieve this trend is Barbella Co. 's Tutu gel polish. A bright, playful, and subtly sexy. Depending on how you want to play with this adorable gel nail polish color, it will give you the versatility you need through its baby pink hue. Lighten up your mood and your nails with a bright pink color that is created to evoke feelings of sweetness. 

A standout shade to use to achieve the ballet-core nail trend is Barbella Co.'s Tutu Gel Polish. It is the epitome of everything youthful, playful, and subtly alluring. This bright and charming pink hue is ideal for those looking to infuse a touch of sweetness into their nail styling. Whether you're aiming for a dainty, feminine look or a playful and flirty vibe, the versatility of this gel polish allows you to create the perfect aesthetic. 

The ballet-core nail trend offers a delightful canvas for expressing elegance, grace, and a touch of charm. With its focus on pink and dainty elements, this trend is not only super easy to achieve but also serves as the base for numerous other popular nail trends of today, like coquette nails for example. As they become more of a staple, take the leap into the world of ballet-core nails and let your manicure speak volumes about the timeless allure of class and femininity.


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