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Dermatitis vs. Onychoschizia

Dermatitis vs. Onychoschizia

Dermatitis and onychoschizia are commonly encountered conditions. In this blog, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of dermatitis and onychoschizia, empowering you to navigate and manage these conditions with confidence and informed decision-making on how to best address them for optimal skin and nail wellness. 

So what exactly are dermatitis and onychoschizia? Dermatitis, a skin reaction triggered by various substances or environmental factors, often manifests in rashes, bumps, inflammation, and itching. Remarkably, some of the culprits behind dermatitis are commonly found in nail products, driving a growing interest in 10-free and vegan nail brands.

The key to this is identifying what's causing your rash and staying away from it. Your health care provider may give you a list of products that typically contain the substance that affects you. To treat dermatitis use anti-inflammatory ointments. Avoid scratching and if you can’t, cover your hands. You want to leave blisters alone and while your skin heals, stay out of the sun or use other sun protection measures. If at-home care doesn’t ease your symptoms, your health care provider may prescribe medications like steroid creams or ointments.

On the other hand, onychoschizia entails the splitting and brittleness of nails, often attributed to water or detergent damage. This issue is common and most prevalent among women and can be treated with lotions containing alpha-hydroxy acids or nail strengtheners. Nails consist of layers of a protective fibrous protein called keratin that also occurs in skin and hair. Keratin makes the nails strong, but external trauma or an underlying health condition can cause thin layers of the nail to peel away. It’s always a good idea to check with a health care provider if you suspect there may be an underlying issue. 

Armed with a deeper understanding of their causes and effective treatment options, we can navigate a journey to optimal skin and nail wellness with confidence and clarity. As we continue to prioritize skin and nail health, we hope this blog empowers you to make informed decisions and take proactive steps towards managing and addressing dermatitis and onychoschizia.


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