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How To: Minimalistic Ghost Nail Art

How To: Minimalistic Ghost Nail Art

What's better than a super cute ghost mani? With Halloween so close, if you’re looking for a quick, minimalistic nail art idea, we have you covered! See the steps below to create this spooky mani below.


Products You Will Need:


  1. Start by prepping your nails so you can begin with a nice clean canvas.
  2. Apply The Gel Base Coat.
  3. Using the Frenchie Gel Polish, create abstract curves on the sides of your nails. This will be your ghost.
  4. Next, use the Black Luxxe Gel Polish to dot two eyes on your ghost. 
  5. Finish with the Gel Diamond Shine Top Coat

To watch a video of this tutorial, check out The @barbellaco instagram page and don’t forget to tag us if you recreate the look.


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