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5 Nail Polish Colors Perfect for Spring 2023

5 Nail Polish Colors Perfect for Spring 2023

Light floral colored nails are the perfect way to welcome spring into your beauty routine. Do you need suggestions for what bright colors to add to your collection? Barbella Co. has you covered! These shades will make sure your nails don't go unnoticed this spring. 

  1. Lavender Mist      

This color will remind you of lavender fields in France. The calming smell of the flowers envelope you as they also lightly brush your skin. We imitated this relaxing feeling and transformed it into a long-lasting gel nail polish you will love to wear with most of your outfits because of its versatility. 

  1. Sassy Classy

Think Ariana Grande but in a gel nail polish. That is the perfect description for this light pink with a subtle purple undertone! One look at it and you can tell the inspiration is a sassy pop star who is adorable and will charm the hearts of many. 

  1. Banana        

Deliciously vibrant to the eyes, this light yellow gel nail polish “nails” everything you want from a long-lasting nail polish that is yellow but is not loud. When you are afraid the bright yellow nail polish will not suit your personality, then this gel nail polish is the safe bet for you. It’s still yellow and will still pop to a certain degree, but not to the point that you will get all the attention by simply lifting a finger.         

  1. Breathtaking

Everybody loves the color of the sky or the ocean. So why not turn that captivating hue into a long-lasting gel nail polish. This light blue nail polish features everything you love about a cloudless sky or a calm sea. The relaxing effect it brings, transformed into one sophisticated and rich-looking gel nail polish you can wear whenever you feel like it.

  1. Oh so Jade

The jade stone is a popular stone used in jewelry. It has a beautiful color, and it's often used to represent wealth. This shade screams luxury through its distinct color and is perfect for the springtime. 

All of these colors would be perfect for the season. But which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.


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