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Top 5 Current Nail Trends of 2021

Top 5 Current Nail Trends of 2021

Nail design is truly an art form and people are becoming more and more creative with shape and design. Whether you’re a minimalist or love flashy embellishments, there are instagram worthy nail designs to fit every aesthetic. If you want to spice your manicure up in a trendy way, here is a list of the Top 5 Current Nail Trends that have been taking over 2021.


1. Matte Finish

Matte doesn't have to mean boring or faded. Matte nails were extremely popular a few years ago and they’re making a comeback. You’ll see people ditching the glossy finish and trying out this trend instead.


2. Multi-Colored Manicures

This nail trend involves painting each nail a different color. Keep all of your polish in the same color family to create a light-to-dark ombré effect. This can be especially beautiful using seasonal colors such as bright colors for the summer or shades of brown for the fall.


3. Retro Nail Art

Retro designs have become a big trend recently bringing back nostalgia from the 60’s and 70’s. From swirls to mod-inspired shapes, this trend showcases fun, groovy details. Whether you're into more minimal designs or in-your-face fingers, this type of nail art can work for everyone.


4. Negative Space

If you really want to switch up your basic manicure, skip the base coat all together! A negative space nail art design allows for a peekaboo effect of the natural nail. Most nail trends you’ve already perfected can be amplified by adding in negative space.


5. Updated French Tips

French tips will always be a timeless nail trend but people have been adding a little edge to it lately. Take things to the next level by customizing your french tips to your personal aesthetic. Try applying graphics, flower prints, bright colors, etc., instead of the classic white.


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