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Lip Gloss Nails: How to Achieve The Latest Nail Trend

Lip Gloss Nails: How to Achieve The Latest Nail Trend

Thanks to Hailey Bieber, Glazed Donut nails took over 2022. This year it seems like minimalism is in and The Lip Gloss nails trend is about to take over! As like the famous glazed donut nails, this trend is super easy to achieve. Want to know more about this simple yet chic nail look? Barbella Co. has you covered, just keep reading.

What Are Lip Gloss Nails?

This nail trend is inspired by the plush, sheeny finish of lip gloss applied on lips. It takes your bare nail base and adds a sheer layer of gloss (complete with a hint of pretty pink tint) to create a high-shine, fresh finish.

How Can You Create The Look?

Always start with good nail prep! Make sure they’re buffed, super clean, and filed into your desired shape. Don’t forget to use a base coat. Go in with a soft pink color like our Tu-Tu Gel Polish.  The fun part is adding in that high shine touch! Add a clear polish with sparkles or a little pearlescence. Then finish with two coats of our Gel Diamond Shine Top Coat. 

This new trend is very wearable and super versatile! Since it is so simple, it can easily be paired with other trends, like the micro french, ombré nails and a lot of other fun nail art ideas! Is it worth the hype? You tell us! If you create a look with lip gloss nails, tag us on social media @barbella_co


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