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5 Nail Polish Colors to Wear for New Years Eve

5 Nail Polish Colors to Wear for New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve is one of the nights where everyone wants to dress to impress. From sparkly outfits to stunning glam, one thing you can’t forget is the nails! Having beautiful nails can be considered an accessory that makes anyone stand out. It IS New Year’s Eve after all. Here are six nail polish shades to create a perfect NYE nail look.

1. Mamacita 

Add a touch of elegance and sass to the usual red nail polish you’ve known for decades. Strut to that party with your fabulous dress, complemented with some fabulous, red shimmery nails to match and you will instantly become the darling of the crowd.

2. Who’s On Top

Prove to them you are meant to be the winner. And when you are already there, why not bedazzle them further with glitter nail polish that will be perfect for the occasion? This long-lasting gel nail polish holds a gold hue base, sprinkled with lots of glitters to be worthy of gracing the fingernails of a champion.

3. Whole Lotta Money

Know how to elevate the opulent vibe of the color Emerald green? Add some shimmer to it! This long-lasting gel nail polish elevates everything you love about the luxurious dark green hue by adding a touch of shine to it. Feminine and sophisticated, a real representation of the accomplished woman.

4. Life of The Party

Glam up your nails for an exciting night out with your friends. This subtle shimmery gel polish gives off early night party vibes where drinks are only the beginning to kick off the festivities. The light glitter texture of this gel nail polish screams the center of attention without being too much for the crowd.

5. Little Star

Whether you are an aspiring pop singer or just want to be like one for a night, this sparkly nail polish is a perfect choice. It features a silver base that is elevated to the stars with some sparkly glitter. This long-lasting glitter gel nail polish will captivate the eyes and the hearts of anyone who will see it.

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. Whether you are planning on spending it at home or going to a party, your nails have to steal the spotlight! Create an amazing NYE look; these nail polish shades won’t fail you. If you use these shades on NYE, don’t forget to tag us on social media


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