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Nail Art Ideas For St. Patrick’s Day

Nail Art Ideas For St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrations are always fun, including Saint Patrick's Day. This Irish holiday is a good excuse to wear green nail polish! From french manicures to playing on incorporating traditional details, here are 4 trendy nail art ideas for St. Patrick's Day that you'll want to wear year round.


1. Four Leaf Clovers

When in doubt, go with clovers! Four leaf clovers are something everyone associates with Saint Patrick's Day so you really can’t go wrong with this one. You can incorporate them into a lot of different designs or paint them on one finger for a cute accent nail.

2. Abstract Nail Art

Abstract nail art is always a fun choice. It can also be easy for beginners because the design doesn’t have to be precise and perfect. Mix different shapes, colors, and finishes together for a design with various shades of green and gold details. 

3. Play on Pot of Gold

If you love a glam mani, you can’t go wrong with glitter. Make a nod to a “pot of gold” by adding a fun gold to your nail design! Go with Who’s on Top for a bold, luxurious nail design. 

4. Green Tips

French tips are always in style so if you want to keep things simple, add a festive touch by using green instead of white. We suggest using Emerald City Gel Polish because it is a beautiful deep green that will also add a regal, sophisticated vibe to your nail look. 


Whether you prefer fun nail art with rainbows and clovers or a more modern take on Saint Patrick's day, we're sure you'll be able to find some nail inspiration from this list. Share your designs with us by tagging @barbella_co on instagram.


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